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this journal is almost entirely1 friends-only and/or custom-filtered. please comment to this post if you wish to be added2.


1. i say "almost entirely" here because i had sloppily referred to it as being friends-only elsewhere, and some pedant ;-) informed me that some items were publically visible. i have reviewed3 said items and made all bar one of them friends-only, but that one will remain visible, as will (naturally!) this one.

2. i am not normally quite as officious and unwelcoming as this post makes me sound. whilst i am spiky, my bark is very much worse than my bite!

3. on 2005/05/21. this post is back-dated to avoid cluttering up anyone's friends' page, and to avoid it being the most recent item visible for any of my lj-friends should they come to my journal, while simultaneously being the most recent item visible for anyone not on my friends list ;-)

Date: 2006-05-06 01:02 pm (UTC)
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i deleted it on the advice of a friend, who suggested that lj might be doing be more harm than good. deleting the comments could have happened, true, but for various reasons i didn't feel comfortable doing that.

yesterday i discovered that i couldn't still access my own photos, which i wanted to see for a variety of reasons, and which i have not got stored in any fashion other than chaotic elsewhere. i am not sure that it will remain activated in the long term; i intend to move my photos to fotopic when i have the energy to do so. i will then decide whether, on balance, lj is good or bad for me.

that particular unpleasantness is unlikely to reignite, as the relevant people have been removed from my friends-list. if they choose to comment on a rare public post such as this one, i can always freeze the thread and make this post friends-only, and post a new similar one with comments disabled. or i could pre-emptively ban them, i suppose.



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