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Birthdate:Aug 31
Location:Cambridge, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
I am an enigma. I don't wholly understand myself so why on earth should anyone else?

All personal posts are friends-only. Even most non-personal posts are friends-only. I don't need the drama &ndash I "was born with three skins too few" as was said of the mathematical genius G.H. Hardy.

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a filetta, academia, affirming catholicism, ambient, anglo-catholicism, architecture, beaches, beauty, belief, bisexuality, bistable materials, black and white photography, borodin, brie de meaux, calvi, cambridge, candles, cats, chinese food, chinon, christianity, claret, classical music, coffee, composite materials, confession, cooking, corsica, corsican charcuterie, corsican polyphony, crime writing, crispy fried duck, cross-platform programming, cuddly tigers, debian, deployable structures, detective fiction, discernment, dissident feminism, eating well, edmund white, engineering, experimental cooking, faithless, fast cars, feathers, felice picano, fine dining, finite element analysis, food, formula 1, france, gadgets, garlic, gay literature, geek, genderfluid, genderqueer, geographing, gregory benford, gui programming, guilt, hard sf, hi-nrg, honesty, insanity, insomnia, interdisciplinary research, italian food, italy, jean-paul sartre, kathy reichs, la rochelle, laurie r. king, leather, little st mary's, long hot summer nights, love, low pollen counts, mathematics, monochrome, montpellier, multiple subset sum problems, murder mysteries, nifty geek toys, number theory, olives, open source software, openness, optimisation of composite layups, oxford, oxford movement, pain, painting, paris, pedro almodovar, photography, pineau des charentes, pink floyd, pleasure, poetry, polovtsian dances, polyamory, pro-choice, provençal food, queer, quentin jardine, real ale, religion, research, resurrection, science, science and religion, science fiction, sculpture, sensuality, silk, silver, sin, single malts, smart structures, soft cheeses, space science, space structures, spiritual direction, st mary mag's, sunsets, tchaikovsky, techno-impressionism, the atlantic coast, the mediterranean sea, the priesthood, torispherical shells, trance, transgender, true friendship, true love never dies, val mcdermid, velvet, violin concertos, william ørbit, wine, wxwidgets, x5s
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